Check out your finances

Having control over one’s finances can be an impossible and incomprehensible task. Where to start? Where to end? What to look for at all?

Once you get an overview, you can actually find a lot of things you can do better.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a checklist. It shows you some of the things you can go through right now.

After all, as a little carrot, you can think that almost every step gives you more money between your hands. Yes, in fact, our checklist makes you a little richer! Bon appetite.

Check your subscriptions & memberships:


  • TV – do you have TV without using it? Unsubscribe.
    Do you have the big package but only use the small one? Change package.
  • Phone – Can You Get It Cheaper? Most of us can.
    Do you go around thinking you need a lot of data? Be sure to be on wifi and download your series and playlists for offline before leaving the house. Then you can turn down your data package.
  • Streaming – do you use all the ones you have? If not, then unsubscribe some of them. Is it you who pays, but friends and family also use the account? Then ask them if they will contribute. After all, it can only be 10 or 20 kroner from each.
  • Internet – Check if you can get a cheaper provider than the one you have now.
  • Fitness – if you don’t use it at all, sign out! If you use it just a little, check if you can change a little in your membership. You can do that in most places. For example, switch from being able to train throughout the country to only your local center. You can actually save 100 bucks or more a month!
  • Insurance – Check if it can be cheaper
  • Music – Are you paying for a music service? Maybe your phone subscription has a service included in the price. Switch to it instead of and unsubscribe the one you pay for.
  • Member Discounts – You are probably a member of COOP, Club Matas, NF bio or similar. In fact, many of the large corporate customer clubs also have business partners where you can also shop and get discounts. Get to know them and take advantage of them. Trade for your points when you can.

Check your transport habits:


  • Travel Map – If you don’t have one, it’s time! Gradually, the Travel Pass is used throughout the country, so there is a lot of money to save. Often it is up to 50% cheaper than contact tickets in both bus and train. Make sure you always have money so you avoid having to pay full price for a ticket.
  • The car – Drive less, use less gasoline.
  • Bike and walk – The ultimate saver: Take the bike or walk. It is cheaper than car and public. Yes, it’s actually pretty free.

You can save right now and here

The next tips are not some you can save right now and here .. BUT you can save and it can help you and your finances in the long run.

So if you want to check out a few more things, you can have a look here:

  • Power – Turn off what can be turned off. There is no reason why the light is on in the bedroom when sitting in the kitchen. And no, your phone doesn’t have to sit for charging 24/7.
  • Drop the dryer – Hang your clothes to dry instead when you can.
  • Water – Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. There is no reason for it to just run.
  • Small purchases – Pay more attention to what you buy and when. Those little things that you don’t even think about. A coke, a coffee, smoker, a pack of gum. A little here and there quickly becomes a lot. Consider an extra time when you want to buy. It’s not because you should never be able to do it, but it doesn’t have to be every single day.