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For multiple needs of daily life, sometimes you need to get a quick payday cash, either to cover some of your family needs, a household problem or simply to pay a pending invoice; and one of the main ways you have to obtain it is through loans of payday cash or credits using different financial entities, or by going to a relative or friend.

In traditional banking different loan possibilities for different situations are presented, which contain one of the most common problems of these traditional financing means, and it is a large number of procedures or long application times that do not always ensure that the application for this credit is successful; whereas if you go to a relative or friend, you may not be able to get the money, either, or because they can not provide you with the amount you need or just do not have it. So, in either of the 2 ways, it is not easy to get quick payday loans; Walker was designed for these situations.

Fast Loan Transfer to you with our quick loans online

Being able to lean on digital structures and platforms allows you to have faster access to the money you may need, and there are currently multiple web pages that give this option, and today we want to present ours.

We are the most innovative online credit platform for quick loans, given that the entire requirement for the loan is made 100% online, without paperwork, without lines, without co-signers and with an approval time of no more than 15 minutes. Our online platform is ideal to get it quickly, the payment is made within 1 business day in your bank account.

How to apply for quick payday credits?

To apply for your credit you do not need to have a credit history or a co-signer, you only have to be of legal age (+18 years), have a bank account, be a resident in Colombia and have a personal contact telephone number.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply to a credit quota on our platform 100% online;  , click on ” request your credit “, register by completing the registration form and complete the application form, in a process that will not take more than 15 minutes, confirm your request by means of our online contract signature, and in this way you can get the money fast .

In Walker we know that online platforms are not always seen as a very safe way to request money or purchase products, either due to ignorance or negative experiences that you have experienced; therefore, we invite you to contact us through our customer service email.

Walker is a service of the company Lani, a leading company in Colombia and has stood out as the most efficient, safe and reliable of these emerging technologies in Colombia. We invite you to see the benefits we have for you. Optimize your time and request your credit now with Walker.