Payday loans for state and public employees

Payday loans for public and state employees are one of the easiest, quickest and safest ways to obtain financing.

Without having to specify the reasons for your request, with immediate liquidity available quickly , without the need to present any guarantee except that of the continuity of income.

If you are a public, state employee of the armed forces, the arming of the carabinieri or a ministerial employee , you can immediately have available up to € 75,000 thanks to the Payday loan for employees that is paid through the form and methods of the assignment of the Fifth of the Salary .

This is a Payday loan that provides for the payment of monthly installments directly from your employer, through direct deductions on your paycheck , up to a maximum amount of 1/5 of your salary, or the monthly payment in any case can never exceed 20% of the net salary in an envelope .

Use the form to receive an estimate of the Payday loan you wish to apply or arrange an appointment at the branch to find out more about the personalized financing solutions .

A Payday loan of up to € 75,000 is available to you!

  • The reimbursement takes place directly from the paycheck.
  • A repayment plan from 24 to 120 months and an installment that can not exceed 20% of your salary.
  • To start the Payday loan application procedure it is sufficient to present only the paycheck.

Take advantage now of the benefits of the Payday loan for employees and credit to your projects thanks to our dedicated solutions.

Payday loan solutions accessible and open to all

  • Anyone with a permanent contract.
  • Anyone aged between 18 and 83 years
  • Anyone who is resident in Italy.

The only guarantee: your paycheck!

  • Fill out the form and receive your quote.
  • Come and visit us at the branch and sign the request for your Payday loan.
  • Get the Payday loan quickly without any guarantees.